"Would you prefer to reside in Lagos or Abuja?"- Ednut asks


Most people have different opinions on their preferred choice of residence for a home. Some prefer an area, location or state that is quite and calm, while others prefer a location that is densely populated with people.

The City of Abuja and Lagos, Nigeria, seems to be amongst the most sought-after cities in Nigeria, this may not be unconnected to the fact that it plays home to some major business organizations, tourist centres, public institutions e.t.c.

Popular Nigerian Celebrity, Tunde Ednut on Wednesday, the 24th of February, 2021 asked some of his followers and other social media users to choose between residing in Lagos or Abuja.

As expected his comment has since generated reactions from some some media users who expressed their opinions on the question raised by Tunde Ednut.

Some online users pitched their tents with Lagos on the ground that it's lively and it's provides job seekers with the hope of been gainfully employed because of the huge number of business organizations in Lagos, while others chose Abuja over Lagos.

Recall that news broke out recently that some members of the Niger Delta Militant Group, threatened to attack some infrastructural facilities in Lagos and Abuja.

Screenshot of Comments from some social media users who reacted to the question raised by Tunde Ednut;

Where would you prefer to stay, between Lagos and Abuja?

Do well to also drop the reason for choice City, on the comment section.

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