See Reaction Over This Cartoon Flakes Which Talks About Bandits And Yahoo Boy


Great is not more breaking news about bandits terrible disturbing Nigeria. Bandit is a robber or outlaw belonging to a gang and typically operating in an isolated or lawless area." the bandit produced a weapon and demanded money." In this universe, Nigerian young men use the internet to relieve unsuspecting ‘clients’ of their money in romance, gold, or business scams.

Nigeria is known to have intellectually born human who has high thinking and valued at most given levels in the world.

According to the information gathered, Yahoo Boy rarely lives alone. He needs his comrades around him to pull off a successful scam: the document forger, the international call router, the bank account frontperson and the tech wizard are needed just as much as the smooth talker. Luckily for the Yahoo Boy, this is not a problem, because the sector pulls in enough money to create room for everyone. Here are comments from Nigerians about the cartoon flakes.

This finding is in line with other studies on different countries of the world. It is therefore recommended that the government should declare war on terrorism and seek assistance/advice from international communities who have in the time past faced this kind of challenge and were able to tackle it.

The Nigerian Military should be empowered more with arms to fight this insurgency.