Things You Shouldn't Say To Your Parents.


Parents are the beat gits God gave us. Often times we feel like we can better on our own without having them follow every move we make. It is important to know that having them around is a blessing and life would not be the same without them. Here are a few thing you shouldn't say to your parents;

1. Am so bored. Parents always look forward to seeing their children happy. Saying you are bored makes it seem like you are blaming them. Instead,tell them you need their help because you dont know what to occupy yourself with. This way they will feel involved and am sure they will be more than happy to do something fun with you.

2. School sucks. With school comes alot of stress, fights with friends and teachers who are always watching until you do that tiny mistake. After a tough day, go home and talk to your parents. Explain that you had a bad day and that you dont want to talk about it.

3. You cant tell me what to do. Parents always try to protect us from the world and lot of the times we feel like they are trying to control us. Instead, let you parents know that you are upset and that you feel like they don't let you make your own choices. This will make them try and see things from yoir point of view.

4. I dont always get what i want. Almost all the time parents are always trying to make us get all the comforts of life but most of the times it is never enough. Always try to understand the struggles you parents are going through. 

5. No one cares about me in this family. Feeling sad and lonely is one of the worst feelings in the world but every time you feel sad and lonely remember to let your parents know that you need them. Let them know what you want them to do so that u dont have that feeling of not being wanted.

6. I dont need your advice. Its okay to need advice no matter how grown up/ independent you are. Adults pay for advices from therapists and financial consultants, so dont miss out on a chance to get advice from people who care about you. Its always good to acknowledge when you are lost and in need of help.  

7. I dont see any meaning in my life. Every parent wants to see their kids happy, saying this will only break their hearts. So instead, find your worth and your purpose and your parents will be your number one fans.