NHIF Increases Fines And adjusts Punishment Measures To Fraudsters


Through the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) Amendment Bill, 2021, the foundation has recommended that people who acquire benefits through fraud be subjected to a fine of up to Ksh 10 million. That is a takeoff from the current act that directs that the fraudsters be fined sum not surpassing Ksh 500,000 or detainment of two years. 

The amendment additionally increased the detainment term from two years to five years.People who impersonate others whether living or dead are additionally obligated for the sentence and fines.

 The proposed bill additionally warned medical clinics that duped NHIF by making false claims in that they can be expelled from the register of empaneled and contracted medical services providers.The act explained further that the health officers would be subjected to a fine of ksh,10m an increment from ksh.0.5M.

The bill also encourages persons over eighteen years and are not dependants of any active member to apply for the insurance cover.

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