UNFAIR || Foreigner wins R3.9 Million but Can't claim after this was revealed, See below

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Consider winning a large sum of money in a lottery or Powerball draw, but being unable to secure your prized possessions. 28-year old Belgian man is in this scenario. On a scratch-off card, a man from Algeria won $270,000 (more than 3.9 million tirades), according to media reports. However, because he is an undocumented alien, he is unable to accept his money.

"In the event that I have funds, I'll buy a loft in Brussels and perhaps a vehicle," he allegedly claimed to the Belgian media. A massive effort to ensure his award was dispatched and an attorney was hired to assist him from that point on. When it comes to opening the ledger, he doesn't have the proper identification or a sturdy home. "That's what my customer is going through. There are no records or balances. As evidence of his character, I'm looking for documents. He is desperate to make contact with his relatives in Algeria."

Allow your companions to win the sweepstakes you're playing for.

Despite having the right desk work, one of his male companions attempted to collect lottery prizes on his behalf, but he and two others were detained. According to experts, that was the winning scratch card. It was only until he arrived with an attorney that they were given to him. The winning ticket was purchased at Zeebrugge, Belgium, half a month prior. It's a popular destination for immigrants and misfits who hope to reach the British Isles via the Channel Tunnel.

Media in Belgium say the man left Algeria some months ago, walked through Spain and France, and finally arrived in Belgium. The winning lottery ticket is currently being kept in Zeebrugge, Belgium, and a male attorney claims that experts have promised not to extradite him unless he guarantees the award.


Since they allowed them to play without a "valid ID," SA must be fair when awarding prizes to lottery winners. Please leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter for more exclusive news reports.



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