Best managers in the world of football

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Hans- Dieter flick : German professional football coach, also a former player, he was the coach of Bondesliga club Bayern Munich from August 2006 to july 2014

Josep Guardiola: a Spanish professional manager, also a former player from Spain also a defensive midfield. He is the current manager of premier league club Manchester City.

Julian Nagelsmann German professional football coach, married to Verena Nagelsmann. He was the youngest coach in Bundesliga history.

Gian piero Gasperini an Italian manager and former player. He coached Atlanta B.C. and Genoa C.F.C

Zinedine Yazid Zidane French former professional football manager. He played as an attacking midfielder. He is one of the most successful manager in the worldjulen lopetegui Spanish football manager also the current manager of Sevilla F.C

Carlo Anceloti : an Italian professional football manager. Also a former player, one of the only three managers to have won UEFE champion league three times

Jurgen Norbert klopp: German professional football manager, also a former player. Who is the manager of premier league club Liverpool. He is one of the best manager in the world.

He started his career in 1972.Diego Pablo Simone Argentine professional football manager. Former player, who played as a midfielder

He also played with maradona at Selliva and with Argentina.

Marcello Alberto an Argentinan professional football manager. The current head coach of premier league club Leeds united

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