Can you believe this? These horror movies are based on true life stories. Check them out.

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While horror movies often seem too scary to be true, unfortunately this is not always the case. Movies like "The Conjuring," "Poltergeist," and "Nightmare on Elm Street" all have a true foundation.

Continue reading to learn about stories from some of the most terrifying movies based on them.

"The Conjuring"

is about the Perron family and the traumatic experience they had at their new home in Rhode Island.

thoughtful warner friends.

Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga as Ed and Lorraine Warren. Warner Bros.

The Perrons (husband Roger, wife Carolyn, and their five daughters) moved to what came to be known as the Old Arnold Estate in 1970. At about the same time, the family reported on such things as floating or moving furniture, opening and closing doors, silent noises, and even being pushed, pulled, and injured by invisible winds.

When they called the general investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, they discovered that the area was infested with various ghosts, but that vicious spirit called Bathsheba was eating them up. Bathsheba, who lived in the area in the 1800's, had been accused of being a devil, and was accused of brutally killing her first child.

"Conjuring 2"

is about a demon-possessed girl in London.

Vera Farmiga also played her role as Lorraine Warren in the next match.

The Hodgson family reported experiencing unusual circumstances in their London home in August 1977 (such as airplane furniture, and witness throwing items).

Most notably, however, Janet, one of Hodgson's three children, said she had been infected by a man named Bill Wilkins - it was later confirmed that a man by name lived in the house, and died there from a brain hemorrhage.

While Janet admits that about "two percent" of the incident took place, she says Enfield Poltergeist was real.


"Annabelle: Creation," and "Annabelle Comes Home" tell the story of Annabelle, a vicious doll who threatens her owner

Annabelle is a doll that is believed to be full of evil spirits. While the real doll of Raggedy Ann (unseen at the Warrens' Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut) looks worse than her movie counterpart, she is said to have shocked her owner.

The doll story begins in 1970, when a nurse received it as a birthday present from her mother. He soon began to realize that the doll would change positions on its own. Then she started getting scary notes with messages like "Help me" written on it. And, it is said, she once found a doll bleeding.

The Warrens were also contacted for help. According to them, the doll did not have it, but it was airborne. They cleaned the house and took the doll to their museum, which continues to this day.

"Amityville Horror"

includes the murder of the DeFeo family and the presence of demons in the house.

home of amityville horror

The real home of the "Amityville Horror" on Long Island. Paul Hawthorne / Getty Photos

On November 13, 1974 at 3:15 a.m., Ronald DeFeo Jr. he stole his father's gun and killed his entire family at their home in Amityville, New York, claiming the words in the house made him do it. He was later convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison.

A year later, the Lutz family moved into their home, and they said they were experiencing a similar robbery almost immediately.

George - the ancestor of the Lutz family - says he wakes up several times at 3:15 a.m. (the time of the massacre) when he hears gunshots. Her daughter Missy found a thoughtful friend Jodie, who was also DeFeo's daughter. Missy says she knew nothing about the killings at the time.

The Lutz family fled their home 28 days later, sparking one of the biggest controversies in paranormal history: is the Amityville home under attack?

"The Haunting in Connecticut"

is about a family who moved to a former funeral home, which is already visited.

hunting in connecticut

The film was released in 2009. ILionsgate

"The Haunting in Connecticut" is based on the grief of the Snedeker family (transferred to Campbell in a movie).

The Snedekers relocated to a new home in the 80s to approach the University of Connecticut Hospital, as their son Phillip was being treated for cancer. The family soon learned that the house they had moved into was a funeral home.

According to Carmen's mother, Phillip quickly withdrew and became angry, starting to see a ghost who could tell him not to ride. He eventually sent her away, although it is unclear whether he would stay with the family, or whether he was serious about her (there are reports of both of them). In any case, after Phillip left things are said to have gotten worse for the whole family.

Eventually they summoned a priest to perform an exorcism (along with Warrens, who made another appearance).


is about a Spanish youth who used the Ouija board to communicate with a dead person about tragic consequences.

Veronica movie school Netflix

The film was released on Netflix. Sony photos

The film is based on real Spanish youth whose unresolved death.

In 1992, a student named Estefania Gutierrez held a "temporary meeting" at her high school. A few months later, he died in hospital - after suffering a seizure and said he could see shadow figures.

The story becomes even more confusing: a year after Gutierrez's death, his parents called the police because they were dealing with a dignified performance, similar to the statistical figures reported by their daughter. The police were skeptical, and even heard noises. An official report called the home "a situation of mystery and rarity."

It's quite shocking to know that people actually went through this trauma.

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