Health Benefits Of Mutura Revealed


Mutura is a common roasted meat that several Kenyans like eating. The meat has several health benefits, which most Kenyans are not aware of.

The first health benefit is that it makes digestion very easy.

Mutura has a lot of roughages, which are known to ensure digestion occurs fast.Besides,the roughages contain some calcium, which is essential for strengthening of bones.

Mutura also contains proteins, which is essential in building body tissues.

Apart from what we have mentioned above, there is also a lot of fats in Mutura,which are essential in generating energy in your body.

Finally, the roasted meat also contains mucus,which can help in digestion.

would wish to have some mutura accompanied by the soup, in what they believe will keep them sober even after drinking.

However, Polycap Onderi has established that most of these muturas are contaminated with disease-causing germs and are not fit for human consumption.

Results from the National Public Health Laboratory indicate that the muturas have a high presence of E. coli bacteria, which indicates human or animal faecal contamination, hence shouldn’t be consumed.

Food experts say it is an indication that the germs produce poisonous toxins, which cause illness upon ingestion.