Raila Odinga Meeting Persons With Disabilities

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Today, Raila has been seen in the town having a meeting with the persons living with disabilities.

The Migori former woman rep. Dennitah Ghati on her side said that that they are proud of Raila choosing Martha Karua as his deputy not because she is a woman but because she is a special interest group. She continued by saying that she is capable of being the deputy.

" Am grateful because you and the ODM team and officials agreed to support me as a disabled person to obtain the ticket, but the citizens need to understand that disability is not inability and thus I urge you to continue supporting them." Said Ghatti.

In line with biblical allusion, they told Raila that ' God gave man a woman to be his helper and then him choosing Martha Karua as his deputy, she will be her helper. The Mc on his side agreed with the work performance of Ashura Binti Kiziwi and on his opinion asked Raila to accomodate her in his government that he will form.

Watch this video from 50min. ( Video link :https://fb.watch/dcAJkvRB08/)

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