Stock of Stolen Items Retrieved From Criminals in Limuru

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Detectives from Limuru police station in Kiambu county have recovered a huge stock of items which were stolen from unknown people.The stock was hinded in a rented house in Limuru by a gang of criminals who have been terrorizing the area.

 It was unfortunate that the criminals escaped the police dragnet by a whisker.It is said the police have been following the criminals closely as they continued with their investigation and this is what brought them to their rented house in Limuru.

On Thursday morning,the detectives from Limuru police station came to their rented house where they were able to recover several motorcycles,gas cylinders, laptops, electronics,bed mattresses and other house hold items.

The police are now calling upon members of the public who may have lost their items to report to Limuru police station for identification.The police are also going on with the hunt so as to bring back the criminals so he they can face the law.

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