"We Deal With Government If Try To Force You To Vaccinate" Says Julius Malema

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Start of last year the entire world was face with the pandamic Coronavirus illness which left took many lives around the globe,in a lighting speed,and additionally passed on numerous business to liquidation stage. 

Of late there's has been coursing or bits of hearsay that the Pandamic Coronavirus illness would be on our lives always, which means it a sickness is untreated once you get in touch with it, there's no switching it,but reality remains specialists and all solid offices are working barely to find the suitable therapy, where immunization has been named number one. 

The EFF pioneer and furthermore the leader of the association, Julius Malema became famous online via web-based media, tweeter a couple of moments back blaming president for the country Cyril Ramaphosa for the underlying Start of the Pandamic illness and also,he faults him for the quick spread of the sickness. 

He even returned corting the Marikana scinaro where the president was blamed for providing the request for the execution of the Marikana representatives asking for their compensation.



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