Connie Ferguson's daughter shows off new hairstyle as she goes blonde.

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Some people just look good in everything that they put on. These are the kind of people whom they talk about when they say natural beauty. It doesn't matter if it is a plastic, it just blends in perfectly. Unfortunately it's not all of us who can be like that, that's why the rest us have to find what works for us. 

Lesedi Matsunyane-Ferguson is a natural beauty who looks good in everything. Plus the fact that she's confident, it adds to her beauty. The actress and production manager is always brave enough to try other styles and the results always leave us in awe. 

She has short curly natural hair. She had done Flux which she removed. The actress dyed her short hair blonde and she's looks breathtaking. She just gave her fans a glimpse of it. We can't wait to see how she will be rocking it. We know we are in for a treat.

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