Just In: Woman Arrested In Moyale After She Was Found Transporting Grenades, Teargas And Bullets

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The cases of Insecurity have continued to rise in the country, especially the Northeastern and Eastern parts of Kenya. These two regions have been always on the spotlight and many insecurity cases and people being caught Transporting or handling armed and dangerous weapons illegally have been reported time to time. The main reason is that they are bordering Somalia, which is the Neighbouring country, and has high cases of insecurity, and it alleged that some of the al-shabaab terrorist usually sneak into the country via those borders.

Today on 11th March 2021,Police have arrested a lady, who her really name we are not told, But according to the information published on the Kenya police Facebook page, the lady, was found Transporting, armed weapons, which were bullets, Teargas, and dangerous grenades.

The police arrested the lady at Moyale and it was alleged that she was transporting this weapons to Marsabit. She is now under investigation and set to face charges against illegal handling of armed and dangerous weapons. Note that these are the weapons that the gangsters and terrorist, are using to continue with their activities and killing innocent Kenyans. Good work to the police, continue with that spirit, I know very soon we will finish this gangsters and return the peaceful Kenya back. Together, lets fight against crime activities, crime doesn't pay, the only payment is death.

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