Top 6 'All Set' Meals Practically In Every Ghanaian Home: Read More


6 'all set' meals found in practically all families in Ghana; Gari is their pioneer!

In Ghana, numerous families have embraced the way of keeping some vital food item at home which they can fall on at whenever.

Some people have named them 'crisis' foods.

They are basically durable merchandise thus there is no issue saving them for a more extended timeframe.

Here, I bring you six of these food things; and yes Gari is number one on each family's rundown!

1. Gari

It is the most famous and commonest food generally eaten by nearly everybody not just in Ghana. It is produced using cassava.

There are jokes around it; one is that despite the fact that it isn't publicized, it sells more than some other foods one can consider. Obviously, Gari is kept on the racks at some grocery stores, rivaling other 'significant' items.

It very well may be eaten in various manners liked by the person. Gari can be eaten with sugar – 'Gari Soakings', or with stew – 'Gari Fortor'.

Gari can be softened with hot water making 'Eba' and eaten with soup, stew or shito. Our Nigerian siblings are eminent for this.

In senior secondary schools, Gari is held in high regard. It has even acquired the name 'Understudy Companion' or 'Agyenkwa' which means Live Saver.

Nearly everybody in Ghana has warmed up to Gari at a point on schedule. Really, Gari, without a doubt, is a companion to all.

2. Corn Dough

Second on the rundown is a corn mixture mixture termed banku. It is gotten from maize.

In Ga it is called 'Mama' and the Akans call it 'Mori'. Corn batter, similar to gari has multi-reason.

It very well may be utilized for banku, porridge, akple, and others.

3. Cassava flour

Privately known as 'konkonte' or 'Face The Wall', cassava flour is another basic family food thing. It is clearly produced using cassava.

It is a delicacy best delighted in with any kind of soup, especially groundnut and palm nut soup.

Kokonte is produced using cassava flour

4. Rice

Most individuals in Ghana do keep sacks of rice in their homes. It is typically the speediest feast to plan beside gari.

Rice can be eaten with stew, soup or shito. It can likewise be made into rice balls usually called 'Omo Tuo' in Ga or 'Emu Tuo' in Akan. This likewise can be eaten with any kind of soup. It very well may be utilized for porridge as well.

5. Beans

Beans is additionally a typical family food thing. It is also known as 'Gob3'.

It is typically bubbled and eaten with plantain. Or then again it can likewise be utilized to make stew and eaten with sweet potato, gari, rice and others.

6. Corn Flour

This is regular in the homes of the siblings from the North. They use it to set up their main delicacy 'Tuo Zaafi'

Keeping a portion of these foods at home has additionally been supposed to cater for the family's spending plan. It assists with chopping down costs on food.

What's Your favourite among these?

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