The pastor is allegedly having an affair with the girlfriend of his bass guitar boy: Opinion

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The Pastor of Paradise Church of Christ is sleeping with the girl friend of Albert Nkosi who play bass guitar in the church.

MR Albert Nkosi, do you remember when your girlfriend went to her parents the whole weekend and came back on Wednesday? She was with Man of God. He took her out for holidays, that is why he was not around on that Sunday. Your girlfriend and the pastor are sleeping together behind your back. The photo of them in the car was taken last week when she told you that she is going to attend a funeral. She was with him. They were in a hotel in Pretoria.This pastor is allegedly reported that is having an affair with the girlfriend of his bass guitar boy. The boy that is actually part of the worshipping team. I don't know where did this lady got the proof about this, but she keeps on reporting certain things that are very rare to find on other news media.

She must have a very reliable source somewhere or herself she might be a journalist. So it is not just one of those things that they are trying to do, to spread hate against pastors. He is a pastor and mentioned by name and also by the name of his church, so it can't really be said that it is a lie, may the Lord help these pastors to behave.

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