Good News To Isencane Lengane Fans

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The South African reality TV space has been quite an entertaining side of television entertainment. The Mona Love TV channel is currently one of the most watched channels in South Africa because of the content it provides viewers. One of the most entertaining programmes on the show is the reality TV show Isencane Lengane. When this show was first introduced to viewers of the channel, many of them were shocked by the fact that teenagers who were 15 and 16 decided to make a grown-up decision to get married to each other. Many felt like they should have waited till they were older enough.

But it seems like Thando and Siyacela could not wait because their love for each other was very strong. The two decided to tie the knot while still in school. While the show was still going on, many people were tuned in every Saturday. And some felt like Thandi might have made a bad decision by getting married to a boy like Siyacela because he started treating her badly to the point where she felt like she should leave him too.

In season two of the show, viewers saw the ups and downs of the marriage of the two teenagers, and Siyacela was the cause of it all. He even wanted to get into a polygamous marriage without taking into consideration his wife's feelings. Thandi was in her last year of school and said she would continue her studies and leave her marriage, but every time she left viewers upset by forgiving Siyacela.

The show closed off with the couple announcing that they were pregnant. That's where season 2 ended. But the good news for Isencane lengane fans is that season three of the show will be back on your screens, and some fans of the show have stated jokingly that they are already upset by Siyacela because of how he upset viewers in the past. In season 4, it seems like Thandi is heavily pregnant and both the couple have good teeth.

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