"Hii Miguu Inakaa Baridi Sana" Netizens React After Eric Omondi Shared This Photos


Ever since the wife material contest, Erick Omondi and Carol alias Bandbeca have been quite distant. Most of the time Shakilla was the most one spotted with Eric on their Social media platforms.

Today Omondi broke their silence after he shared a photo of him together with Carol carrying her on his laps. Check out on the lovely photos.

Netizens reacted to this post as most of them told him that he should stop using this girls to make money for himself. The other day he did the same advert with Shakilla and according to his caption Carol's one is scheduled for next week. They trolled Carol's legs by saying that they seem to be too cold and that she should not wear one pair of shoes since she is already a celebrity . Check out on their reactions on social media.

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