"I don't care " says a drunk policeman who was caught on the video, drinking, and driving.

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On social media, we now have a video that is trending. Two cops have been exposed on social media by a white man.

According to accounts, two cops were discovered inebriated while on duty. Mzansi is in shock and bewilderment right now.

According to the reporter, the officers were to blame for the accident, which nearly killed two people on the road. It's so perplexing since even the cops don't obey the rules anymore.

Rumors circulated that the cops were handing out alcohol to those they had apprehended for public intoxication. The fact that they drank those beers after arresting public drinkers is all that matters. In the footage, a white man requests that one of the cops pull their car off the road.

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The cops refused to withdraw their police car from the road because they were intoxicated and unable to think straight.

Mr. Bheki Cele should take this matter seriously because it looks like the South African people are now being shielded. After all, police personnel are not only failing to complete their duties but also drinking while on duty.

Their actions are inexcusable. Their employment is now in jeopardy as a result of their excessive drinking. As the unemployment rate in South Africa rises over time, people like this begin to take their jobs for granted. Many people are clamoring for this chance.

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