" He Found Out His Girlfriend's Cheating On Him And He Decided To Pay Lobola, Take Note Gents "

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He found out his girlfriend is cheating on him and he decided to pay lobola and marry her. Take note gents

What is the lesson here? The lesson is that you need to secure your woman she will stop cheating on you if you show her how serious you are of her.

The irony - Two weeks after lobola payment he founds out she is three months pregnant but he is not the father. He bought her a diamond ring they got married bought her a big house they happily lived after. I saw that movie Its an interesting movie.

Just get out of that marriage she no longer love you. You've wronged her and hurt her to a point where she thinks revenge is everything left. If the both of you don't have a child of your own together then just go to your baby mama and she will go to her baby daddy.

You might see it as a good move but think that the guy might be fooling her with marriage, so that he can do whatever he likes with her .once the girl made peace with it, Moloi le lengeloi ditla ka tsela ya go swana, e fela wena mong wa ditaba sephetho ke sa gago. Maybe she is earning more than him and she contributed in a lot of things so marry her in COP community of property is a way to go I'm sure he'll divorce her few months down the line.

A friend of mine paid 75k last year, it didn’t take the lady 2 months after the lobola to cheat again today they broke up fighting in court for the child custody and the lady demands to be supported also.

I've seen someone do this, Now everytime she cheats, she reminds him that someone wealthier wanted to marry her but yena he rushed and went to her house with his uncles. They been married 6 years now and he has a 2 year old step son with her.

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