Some of your favourite celebrities caught on camera drunk


Many adore celebrities because they can sing or act and even dance, many people look up to celebrities for many reasons because they are and drive the fastest cars or even for some fashion tips because they always wear the freshest clothes, some celebrities are celebrated all over the world because of their talent.

Today we take a look at celebrities a little bit different, celebrities are just like me and you they make mistakes and sometimes their mistakes land them in jail, celebrities are not perfect people they have problems like we do to they stress get angry have broken hearts basically they are human just like you and me.

Like I said today we take a look at celebrities a bit differently, today we take a look at how celebrities can get drunk from liquor and remember just like I said celebrities are human to, we take a look at some of our favourite celebrities caught drunk on camera some of them get pretty wasted, here are some of your favourite celebrities wasted on alcahol and don't laugh to much because we all look a bit different when we are under the influence of liquor.


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