The effects of COVID-19 Vaccine- WHO


COVID-19 as a global pandemic has stirred up world renouned researchers as well as research institutions to help find a lasting solution. Ever since its inception, both traditional and scientific methods have been adopted to deal with this deadly disease. The World Health Organization (WHO) however has declared most of these antidotes unapproved since they lack scientific bases.

Currently, the only approved vaccines for COVID-19 are the

1. German's Pfizer

2. British and Swedish AstraZeneca

3. Indian Covax

4. Russian Moderna

According to Dr Amir Khan on aljazeera, patients after getting injected with COVID-19 vaccines show mild symptoms. These symptoms are usually recorded 12 to 24 hours after injection. These symptoms include:

1. Soreness at the site of injection

2. Mild fever

3. Chills

4. Headache

5. Fatigue

6. Muscle ache

He said these symptoms only presented themselves mildly and that the symptoms only showed up in about 10% of people injected.

He added that these vaccines were not 100% in protecting one against the COVID-19 pandemic so people should be serious of following the safety protocols.

According to Dr Amir Khan, Pfizer is about 95% effective, AstraZeneca 60-90% effective, whiles Covax is also 60-75% effective.

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By: Jmahama