I Lost My First Child But, God Blessed Me With A Beautiful Daughter Without Eyes - Mother Reveals


We are all made in God's image and likeness, and we are all beautifully made in His eyes. Today, I'm sharing the heartbreaking story of a beautiful girl called Vales, who was born blind.

The parents attempted to take her to the hospital, but it was in vain, according to an interview with Afrimax Tv. Before giving birth to her, the mother said she went through a lot.She was once pregnant, but the baby died before she could give birth. They returned home after burying the boy. She became pregnant again after a while, but this time she was much more cautious. So the baby came out blind or with no eyes. This was extremely aggravating.

Regardless of the circumstances, i chose to love my daughter.They took the infant in and raised it as their on. They didn’t want to abondened the baby that came out blind.

Vales' situation is more complicated since she is unable to hear, see, or talk. She defecates on her own body. Despite the fact that she is blind, People seeks to help. Unfortunately, she began bleeding immediately and hasn't stopped since.

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