15 Biggest Malls In Africa And Their Countries

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Here is the list of the top 15 biggest malls in Africa today and the respective African countries they are located in.

1 Morocco Mall

Morocco Mall is located on the western coast of Morocco, and it's currently the biggest mall in Africa today, as well as the most luxurious shopping mall in Africa where you can rest assured that you can get anything you are looking for.

2 Two Rivers Mall

The Two Rivers Mall is located in Kenya, it is the second-largest mall in Africa and the biggest mall in East Africa.

3 Mall Of Africa

The Mall Of Africa is located in South Africa, it is the third-largest mall in the whole of Africa and is the biggest shopping mall in South Africa.

4 The Mall Of Arabia

The mall of Arabia is located in Egypt and is the fourth biggest mall in Africa as of this year.

5 Cairo Festival City

Egypt has yet another big mall in its country which is the Cairo Festival City Mall, this mall has made it in fifth position.

6 Sandton City

Santo City Mall is located in southern Africa and is the sixth-largest mall in the whole of Africa. This mall was started in the 1970s and has grown to become one of Africa's busiest malls.

7 The Gateway Theater Of Shopping

South Africa has yet another big mall in its country, which is called The Gateway Theater Of Shopping. This mall is the seventh biggest mall in Africa.

8 Canal Walk Mall

The Canal Walk Mall is located in South Africa and is the eighth biggest mall in Africa. The mall has 400 well-established stores.

9 Dembel City Centre

This mall is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, it is the ninth biggest mall in Africa.

10 Novare Lekki Mall

Novare Lekki Mall is located in Lagos State, Nigeria. It is not only the biggest mall today in Nigeria, it is also the 10th biggest mall in Africa.

11 Game City Mall

It is the 11th mall in Africa and is located in Botswana.

12 West Hills Mall

West Hills Mall is located in Ghana and has made it to the 12th position.

13 Le Caudan Waterfront

This is yet another large shopping mall in Africa that is located in Mauritius.

14 Cresta Shopping Mall

Located in southern Africa, this mall is the 14th biggest mall in Africa.

15 Tinapa Shopping Resort

This mall is located in Calabar, Nigeria, and is the 15th biggest mall in Africa. This mall covers approximately 861,000 square meters.

Africa is constantly growing and new larger, malls are being built. These ones listed above are currently the biggest in Africa as of now.

Source: Kenyanmagazine.co.ke

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