Fatal Accident Claim Two Lives After A Car Is Sandwiched By Two Vehicles Along Thika Super Highway


A fatal accident has occurred along the busy Thika super highway just close to Safari park hotel, according to sources the car was rammed by two vehicles a bus and a coca cola lorry killing two on the spot.

Sources have it the the accident occurred when the lorry slowed down and the personal car that was by then over speeding rammed it hard from the back caving into the lorry, the bus from behind also rammed the same car pushing it more inside the lorry.

The accident that has attracted a huge crowd of onlookers who have gathered to rescue the injured from the totally mangled car. James irungu a boda boda Operator around the are said he was along the road when they heard a very huge bang and on a close look three vehicles were scattered all over the highway.

"We rushed to the scene to try and rescue the injured however it was extremely difficult as the car was totally mangled and people were still trapped inside the car, he said.

Police from the nearby Roysambu police station have toured the scene and in assistance with members of the public they have managed to resue two men, however the Ocpd Ezekiel Kinyua also confirmed that two people lost their live while atleast 6 were injured,

The injured passengers have been rushed to the nearby neema hospital where they are recieving treatment, the accident has caused a huge lane of traffic along the busy road as the wrecks still remain at the scene.

This accident comes barely hours after another gruesome accident occurred along the same highway at Kabati on your way to kenol.

Source sikika road safety

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