God would have created two men if a man was suitable for a man - Evangelist


Evangelist Martin Oppong of the Church of Christ has expressed that homosexuality is a sexual depravity that ought not be energized or engaged. 

Talking on sexual depravity; the instance of homosexuality, the righteous man said the maker made Adam and Eve and didn't make Adam and Steve. 

He clarified that if the maker was a God who engaged homosexuality, he would have made two men to have intercourse. 

He said God appointed sex to be urged in marriage between a man and a lady and not two men or two ladies. 

Evangelist Martin Oppong noticed that there is no disarray on this and anybody got up to speed in the demonstration is a heathen and ought to escape from their shrewd ways. 

He said nobody can utilize any type of clarification to legitimize the indecent demonstration of sex between a similar sex since it is loathsome and ought not be permitted to putrefy in our general public. 

He further rebuked people who are admirers of porn to cease from it since it is likewise malicious and damaging. 

He said human sexuality as characterized by God was for men to have intercourse with ladies and replicate and not for men to have intercourse with their colleagues. 

"In the event that a man was reasonable for man, God would have made another man. In any case, man isn't reasonable for a man so he made a lady. In the event that you are tuning in to me and would value what I am saying, you would comprehend that men laying down with men is indecent and evil before God". 

Evangelist Martin Oppong was talking on Rainbow Radio 87.Fm on the new discussion over the disputable issue saying, this ought not confound anybody on the grounds that there is no positive aspect regarding it.

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