Private Basic Schools with Non-Professional Teachers Perform Better than Public School Teachers


Private Basic Schools with Non-Professional Teachers Perform Better than Public School Teachers 

Formal education is widely acknowledged to play critical roles in both individual and societal development. It is considered an investment that accrues both private and social returns and hence, is functional for individual and national progress, irrespective of the level at which it is provided, For formal education to achieve its goals, key actors such as school heads and teachers must fully accomplish their roles and responsibilities. 

Teachers are in the best position to make decisions that directly affect students’ well-being and achievement, Therefore, one key concern for success of educational 

institutions is to ensure that teachers are well supervised. Intimated, supervision (whether internal or external) should be considered a deliberate effort aimed at enhancing the outcomes of each educational institution. It is a process of involving teachers in instructional dialogue for the purpose of improving teaching and increasing student. 

The term “instructional supervision” refers to the cycle of activities between a supervisor and a teacher targeted at improving classroom performance. 

Undoubtedly, the most important supervision and guidance in the school setting is that given by the head of the school. 

In Ghana, the private basic schools with non professional teachers perform better than the public schools with professional trained teachers. A survey conducted to find out the reason why private schools with unqualified teachers perform better than public schools with professional trained teachers. 

The result of the findings stated clearly that, the private schools have better supervision and administration, the proprietor of private school is always at the school or appoint administrator to supervise what the teachers teach. 

In the public schools, teachers are paid whether students perform or not, teachers spend contract hours to do their own business which is not allowed in the private basic schools. 

Head teachers and Circuit Supervisors in public schools are only interested in teacher preparing lesson notes but not interested in the content delivery. 

The private school enrollment is tagged to performance, so they do their best in order to get more students, the higher the population the school get more money.

By Nedved