She Posted this Picture but this is What People Saw Behind Her


In these times, surprising and shocking things have been happening frequently. Some of the we surprising things are mistakenly taken in a photo. This is what has happened today.

A lady posted a picture on Facebook and surprisingly, people spotted a very awkward thing in the picture. In the picture the girl was seen sitting down in a chair and using her phone.

The bizzare thing people saw was behind her. It was pink in colour and in a square shape. Someone spotted that and asked what's behind her.

Another person replied and said that might look a pink teddy bear. People were surprised because where she took the picture was in a barber shop so there was no way there would be a pink teddy bear.

Later, another person countered that and said that was a pink chair and not a pink teddy bear. Yest still some people were amazed that a barber shop for boys had an item in pink.

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