Deborah Okezie blast fan who rebuked her

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Deborah Okezie is popular for how she cried out on social media for her son's justice. She had claimed that her son, Don Davis was sexually assaulted by senior students of Deeper Life High School, Uyo.

Things took good turn for her when Don Davis became the brand ambassador of a company, Resolution Technology. Deborah Okezie surprisingly took to her page few days ago to reveal the fraudulent activities of this company in a live video.However a fan who did not believe Deborah Okezie's report rebuked her in the comment section.Deborah Okezie after seeing this blasted this man openly on her page today. She wrote:

‘Was I a shareholder in Resotech. You lack what to say. I collected nothing from no one.’ Read the full post below.The fan had earlier accused Deborah Okezie of ranting on social media because the owner of the company refused to give her more shares.

What do you have to say about what the fan said and Deborah Okezie’s reply?


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