Sad news: see the award the best farmer received.

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Life is full of surprises and unforseen circumstances. Each an everyday there are new things that we see or hear that surprises us. There is this photo that is going viral on social media. Social media user especially Facebook user have been sharing their opinions about it. Please follow this article as I show you the photo that has made a lot of social media users talk about. The photo is shown undernath.

Looking at the photo above, you can see that, there is bicycle, spraying machine and weedycides. And looking at the bicycle in the above photo, you can see that there is a notice on it, 'OVERALL BEST FARMER'.

The people of Ghana celebrated farmers day yesterday and that was the award the authorities gave to the best farmer in one of the districts in the country. This is so sad because how on earth one will work so hard within the year to produce for the country and you give him or her that as his reward. The authorities should do something about it next time.

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