Take A Look At Today's Weather Forecast From The Ghana Meteorological Service.

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The Ghana Meteorological Agency or service is the institution in charge of providing the people of Ghana with the possible changes in weather. They have released the possible weather conditions across the whole country today.

There is a possibility of thunderstorms and rains over the coastal and Northern sectors this morning and afternoon. The middle sector is expected to be cloudy this morning with cases of thunderstorm and rain expected from the afternoon into the evening. However, sunny intervals are expected in most parts of the country. Accra is expected to have a maximum temperature of 28°C and a minimum temperature of 25°C.

In summary, areas in southern Ghana are expected to experience rain and thunder between morning and afternoon hours. Parts of the northern and Savannah regions are also expected to experience thunderstorms this morning.

Take a look at the weather chart as released by the Ghana Meteorological Service. Credit: https://twitter.com/GhanaMet/status/1535154390293786624?s=20&t=x8uROZeJmsj1C6j2W3QZ6Q

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