Fashion Ideas inspired by the Dufanda Twins

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Meet the Dufanda family which is comprised of George Dufanda and Sarah Mukami. George Dufanda is a congoleese guy who is a barber as he is assumed to be the richest barber in Kenya.He started from grass to grace as he began by getting peanuts from his work and later on he started dealing with big shots in the country such as Hassan Joho. Both him and Sarah Mukami are blessed with twins and just like them this twins rock in matching outfits also.

African Wear

Malaika and Malkia rocked in the same Ankara outfits as this twins really looked adorable. Their ankara outfits were composed of a pair of shorts and a dress. Malkia had a ribbon head band to her head which was the same outfit as per her dress.

Sports WearDon't they look adorable?both of this twins rocked in the same basketball jerseys which is Lakers. They matched this outfits with a pair of white sneakers and to lighten up their sense of fashion they were both wearing the same number which is 23.

Casual WearMalaika and Malkia rocked in a pair of trousers, a white shirt and their adorable baby shoes. This two kids really looked stunning and one can notice how they were wearing classy and fancy outfits.

Royal outfits

This twins looked really adorable in their royal outfits.Malkia rocked a very beautiful red dress while malaika rocked in a black cotton made suit just like his dad. If ever your wondering of some of the fashion ideas to use to rock your kids in, try checking out from the Dufanda twins.

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