'Ukipigwa Tena Usikuje Kutwambia' Noti Flow Told By Angry Fans After She Got Her Ex-Girlfriend Back

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Noti Flow is a known female raper in Kenya. Her real name is Natalie Florence Kutoto. She is always the center of attraction because of her perfect body that makes people turn their necks whenever she passes by.

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The 'Photo Moto' hitmaker has been the talk of the town after she went online to rant about the abusive girlfriend King Alami. She said bad things about her and even revealed that she almost killed her because of a mare argument.

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However, things seem to be different. These two lovers got their way back. Noti has shared beautiful photos of those catching up and this was a clear indication that they forgave each other.

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Netizens were not pleased because of what Noti Flow revealed about the nature of their relationship. Making the matters worse, getting together after a public apology was offered by King Alami made them more bitter.

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They told Noti Flow that if she gets abused again she should not come seeking advice from them. Here are more comments made about their reunion:

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