Meet the adorable photos of Dr. Paa Bobo and the late Akwasi Ampofo Adjei

Kwaku Agyapong Danemah popularly known as Dr. Paa Bobo was a Ghanaian highlife musician, known as highlife music legend. He is also known for the popular and nationwide hit song Osobro kyee. In January 2020, Stonebwoy with his Bhim Band remixed Osobro kyee titled Sobolo. 

This highlife musician has although passed away but many Ghanaians still like his songs. Dr. Paa Bobo the hitmaker of “Osobro Kyee, Comfort and Aba Saa” came with many achievements in Ghanaian highlife music. Due to his good heart and hardworking, many Ghanaian young highlife musicians are coping his styles. 

I found it obvious that, many Ghanaians still love to listen to Dr. Paa Bobo’s songs. Beginning of 2021, over 78% of the youths in University of Ghana Legon we’re having his songs on their phones. This made it clear that, many Ghanaians still love Dr. Paa Bobo’s songs.

Akwasi Ampofo Adjei (1947 - 2004) also known as Mr A.A.A was a Ghanaian highlife musician.

He was a teacher by profession but because of the influence that music had on his life he abandoned teaching profession, and went into the music industry. He recorded his first song, a single called Obiara nfan’adwene mbra which literally means let’s put our heads together.

He formed the Kum Apem Royals musical group as result of the collapse of the initial music group he joined. The new group influenced the lives of other notable musicians, and later recorded Wo ye Ananse a meye Ntikuma, which was the foundation in creating other music like Girl bi nti. He recorded nearly 40 songs and about 35 albums to his credit.

Hfell into coma when travelling from Mampong to Kumasi to attend a court case in the outskirts of Kumasi.