How Referee Controversial Decisions Affected Manchester City In Today's EPL Match

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The EPL games for today have ended after a dramatic display at Anfield. Liverpool hosted the EPL Champions, Manchester City in a Premier League clash. It was not an easy match for both team as they Manchester City narrowly gets a point at Anfield. Manchester City entered into the game on a high note as they dominated possession in the first 45 minutes of the match. An opening goal from Sadio Mane, assisted by Mohammed Salah gave Liverpool the early lead in the 59th minutes but was canceled by Phil Foden's strike in the 69th minutes.

Mohammed Salah return the lead with a brilliant goal in the 76th minute but his joy was short-lived when Debruyne's strike gave Manchester City the equalizer at the 81st minutes of the match.

Manchester City players were outstanding throughout the match, but they could not win against Liverpool due to poor decisions from the center referee. Paul Tierney was in charge of the match, but couldn't award a penalty to Manchester City when Phil Foden was brought down in the penalty box by James Milner in the 42nd minutes of the game Manchester City's players contested for the foul by the center referee refused to check the VAR for review.

This controversial decision affected Manchester City as they could have been in front of Liverpool if the penalty was awarded. The center referee was supposed to caution the player and award a penalty to the away team.

Another controversial decision was when the referee signals a free kick as James Milner from Liverpool trips Bernardo Silva. It was supposed to be another yellow card for James Milner as he should have been sent off in the second half for a rough tackle. The referee decided not to consult VAR, awarding only a free-kick instead of a red card decision.

These controversial decisions were the major reason why Manchester City couldn't win today's game. Use the comment section to share your opinions.

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