Opinion: How Raila Odinga Has Unknowingly Exposed Himself to DP Ruto's Political Fangs


If you want to see far, then cling on the shoulders of giants. Kenya's political sphere has titans and minions and for the latter group to match their seniors, they should learn, incorporate and work hard.

Raila Odinga is veteran with donkey's years of experience. From his bud many politicians have budded and this has seen his stature growing taller and taller.

As any other politician, Jakom has enemies and DP Ruto is among them. The duo are slated to lock horns in 2022 presidential race and before then, they are monitoring each other closely. Jakom's recent loss exposes him to danger that's if, William took the right notes.

Agwambo is agitating for constitution reforms and with confidence he was sure of attaining his mission, despite of his student advising him to tow down the clarion call, Raila heard none of it and his kick hit a pole instead of his targeted competitor.

From the loss, Raila has made it bear that he is beatable all that you need is to make correct moves and decisions. Though his BBI was dubbed as a practical testimony of Baba's political wizardry, it failed and so? Everyone can fall and this his competitor ought to know by now.

MacmillanNyaberi operanews-external@opera.com