"Who is this Bibyonce that always makes Nengi trend?" -fan inquires on Nengi's recent post (VIDEO)


Rebecca Nengi Hampson popularly known as Nengi, is a 23-year-old model, actress, entrepreneur and also the most curvaceous girl of the 2020 Big Brother show. Currently, Nengi is the only female ex-housemate with three government appointments and more than 8 endorsement deals.

It's been rumored that, she is gaining so much endorsement deals because of her affiliation with the only light-skinned male contestant of the show, in the person of Ozo, her surgically implanted 'backside' and the fact that, she is an orphan.

Recently, Nengi has changed the person that used to handle her makeup, creative directing and photography. A girl known as Bibyonce has started handling Nengi's makeup, creative directing and photography.

Photo of Bibyonce

Yesterday, Nengi posted a video on her Instagram page, where she was flaunting her flawless body with a perfect makeup, all done by Bibyonce.

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See the video HERE

A fan of Nengi, noticed something different where everyone were amazed at the beauty, which Nengi possesses and wields like a sword. She noticed that, everytime Bibyonce create a video and does makeup for Nengi, she always trends on Twitter. This made her to ask, "who is this Bibyonce that always makes Nengi trend?"

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Proof that Nengi is trending on Twitter

Do you think Nengi is trending because of the creativity of Bibyonce or her surgically implanted 'backside'?

On a scale of 1-10, how good is this Bibyonce?

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