The Most Dangerous School Paths And Most Unusual Schools People Actually Attend.


Mostly the schools are the same: school buses, classrooms, lessons, cafeterias. Yet there are schools as different from those we're used to as day and night.

Below are some of the dangerous school's paths and also attend.

San Antonio Zoo School, USA

The school's goal is to teach children to protect and appreciate nature, develop social and fine motor skills, and prepare them for further education by teaching math and pre-literacy.

Kids spend at least half a day at the Zoo getting to know the animal world through play and lectures.

Atule'er Village

In Atule'er, China, education is something kids have to strive for. Backpacked, they climb shaky vine ladders and cling to rocks on their 90-minute journey to school.

The ascent is so dangerous that it was decided to accept a kind of boarding program, so now children come home only twice a month.

River Plate School, Buenos Aires

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, there's a school in one of the country's most popular football stadiums. Classes are often held during games, and children can watch them through a window. How hard it must be to concentrate on studies!

Forest kindergartens

These are preschools, where children can play and learn in a natural environment rather than in boring classrooms. Though it may seem kids only have fun there, the education process is built so they learn art, communication, and math.

Gulu Elementary, China

Gulu Elementary is probably the most remote school in the world. It's located in Sichuan Province, almost in the clouds, and a one-way commute takes 5 hours.

Gondola Bridges, Nepal

The rivers in Nepal can be tricky. During high tide, they're impossible to cross by foot. This is why kids in Nepal have to use "tarps" – wire or gondola bridges.

This way of transportation can lead to hand injury or even death, but the other choice is to stay isolated for weeks without any chance for an education.


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