Opinion: All Muslim Students Should Take Note Of These 2 Things Before Going To Any Christain School


Following the latest trends on social media, there is an ongoing crisis in Kwara state as Muslims and Christains are fighting over hijaab wearing in a school. Watch video by clicking this link, https://twitter.com/JessicaOgwatar/status/1372161919411437568?s=09

The issue has risen that other people living in other states are now interfering in it, giving out different opinions on how to stop the violent.

So, my candid Opinion is that all Muslim students should take note of these 2 important Informations before entering any Christains/missionary school to avoid future problems.

1. Muslim students should know that they are bound to adhere to the school rules and regulations: It is necessary that all parents regardless of their religion should be conscious that their children must be adherant to the school rules they are enrolling them, and also let their children know that very well.

It has to sink into the children's mind that since they are going to Christain school, they have to be very obedient to their rules and adjust to their dress code.

2. Muslim students are not supposed to be obsessed with religion, since they are studying in a Christain/missionary school: Some parents are the master mind of this uncultured act of obsessing their children's mind with their religion and hatred for other religions.

Every Muslim students that are studying in a Christain school has to be cooperating with the belief of the other students other than hatred. As a popular quote says, "You have to behave like Romans, once you come to Rome."

Do you think that the Muslim students should be allowed to wear hijaab in Christain schools or not? Say your thought in the comment box and don't forget to like and follow me for more updates.

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