DJ Moz Reveals He Also Had A Vasectomy For Wife Days After Nick Ndeda Controversy.

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Kenyan gospel Disk jockey DJ Moz has come out barely three days after the Nick Ndeda controversy revealing he under went the same procedure.

Kiss FM presenter Nick Ndeda who several years back had revealed that for the wife sake had undergone a vasectomy sparked a debate online after revealing that he and partner for 7 years, Muthoni, had come to a mutual decision to go their separate ways this seen on a post on his Instagram page.

The news of the break up sparked a heated debate online on loyalty and why husbands should not go to such levels for their partner an argument DJ Moz is not for.

According to the DJ he chose to have the procedure after his wife developed complications with birth control methods, "my wife had been on the pill for the longest time and it was also not good for her and I knew it was affecting her. So vasectomy became an option..."

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