16th Marriage Anniversary: How Kingsley Okonkwo's Marriage To Mildred Helps Validates His Message

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The intent of God when He institutionalized marriage was documented in the book of Genesis 2:24, which reads: "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh." Therefore God ordained marriage to be an eternal covenant between a man and his wife.

This is the idea that birthed the celebration of marriage anniversaries - a moment of celebration between couples as they remind each other of the eternal covenant that does exist between them.

One couple that is currently celebrating their marriage anniversary is the Okonkwo's. Kingsley Okonkwo - the founder and senior pastor of David Christian Center (DCC) - and his wife - who is a co-pastor in the ministry - are celebrating their 16th marriage anniversary today.

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According to an Instagram post made by Okonkwo, he stated that, although he had known Mildred in secondary school, they never spoke all through, even though they were in the same set.

Nevertheless, God would later make it possible for Kingsley and Mildred to eventually get married, all for his purpose concerning their lives and ministries.

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Photo credit: Instagram

How did Okonkwo's marriage to Mildred help validate his message?

For the kind of ministry God gave Okonkwo - Relationship, Dating and Family Life - not only did he require a helpmeet, but a helpmeet that fully understands his purpose and ministry.

For such a delicate aspect of ministry that involves giving solutions - through God's word - to the marital issues of the married ones, and directing the steps of singles who are aiming to get married, Okonkwo needed to practice what he was going to be preaching if his message would be effective at all.

This was where Mildred filled in the gap, not only does she support her husband's ministry, she has also made it possible for people to believe that Okonkwo knows what he is saying when he preaches on marriage and dating.

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For a minister whose entire ministry is built around teachings on marriage and dating relationships, should his marriage crash, it would be a mess, as it becomes extremely easy for mockers to accuse him of teaching something he couldn't practice in his life.

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Therefore, 16 years of a happy marriage to one woman does mean a lot and shows that Okonkwo understands the message he has been called to preach, hence, his marriage to Mildred does help go validate his message after all.

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