3 Reasons Why A Woman's Breast May Produce Milk When She Is Not Pregnant

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When a woman produces breast milk, it is known as lactation. It is normal for a woman who has given birth or a pregnant woman, to produce breast milk. There are hormones in a woman's body, that tells the mammary glands to start producing milk to feed the baby. It is important to know that it is possible for a woman who has never gotten pregnant, to produce breast milk. The medical condition for this is called, galactorrhea.

This article will look at 3 reasons why a woman's breast, may produce milk when she is not pregnant. They include the following:

1. A woman may produce breast milk when she is not pregnant, as a result of an increase in a hormone produced by the brain called prolactin. Prolactin is responsible for helping women produce breast milk, after child birth. An increase in this hormone can be caused by medications, tumor and overstimulation of the nipples.

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2. Some medications like antidepressant drugs, birth control drugs, blood pressure drugs and antipsychotics can cause a woman to produce breast milk, when she is not pregnant.

3. Medical conditions like kidney disease, chronic stress, damage to the breast tissue and thyroid issues may cause a woman to produce breast milk, when she is not pregnant.

Signs that shows you may be producing breast milk when you are not pregnant

1. When a woman has galactorrhea, she would be producing breast milk from one of both of her breast.

2. She may experience enlargement of her breast tissue.

3. She may experience pimple and abnormal hair growth.

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4. Your drive for intimacy may be reduced.

It is important that you visit a doctor, if you notice that your breast is producing breast milk when you are not pregnant.

Source: healthline

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