Man Angrily Poured Acid On Wife And Children For Accusing The Wife Of Cheating On Him


There is this news which has gotten viral on all the social media platforms which everyone has is talking about.

There is a man who angrily poured acid on his wife and children all because his wife is cheating on him with other man in their village.

A man named Boakye Samuel from Kumasi reported that he married his wife for about two years ago with two children.

He said he loved his wife soo much and he always tries to do anything that will bring happiness in the house and he always promised to be loyal to his wife but not knowing that all his efforts were in vein.

It was reported that, he once told his wife that he's traveling for a business trip which he was going to spend a month over there, not knowing his wife was going to cheat on him.

He said when he went and returned back from the trip he caught his wife with different man in his bedroom, when he saw them he asked the man that how many days have they been together but the man insisted that he was the one dating the lady before they got married.

In this case the man poured acid on his wife and the two children and run away from the village which the woman was sent to the hospital for treatment.

My question is that is the man right to do such a thing or wrong.

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