Free Covid 19 Video Game Is Out, Check It Out


A young game developer has developed a game called CovidInvaders, to release the burden and fight the ongoing pandemic. Developing the game took around 2 month before the game was developed. Kindly remember to like and share this post after reading.

According to reports,the game was created by a 16-year-old boy identified as Josh Ternyak, he created the game with inspiration from his friend Roman Peysakhovich.

The game CovidInvaders has been played by thousands of people worldwide and reports are coming that they love the game.The game itself is fairly simple, with the player taking control of a vaccine shooting at incoming volleys of COVID-19. The game is being accessible on Web browsers on smartphones to ensures free access to the game.

The game is interesting and it's accompanied with soundtrack and a freestyle rap song recorded by Ternyak himself in just 10 minutes.

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