"I found ancient Biafran currencies in my father's house"- Twitter lady shares photos of the money


According to history, Nigeria gained independence in the year 1960. Just 7 years after independence, the Eastern part of the country said they wanted to become a seperate country known as Biafra. This agitation was led by the late Odumegwu Ojukwu. This however led to the civil war which lasted for almost three years, and the death of many people. The so called Biafra nation was already ready to act as a country of its own, as they already had their own currency notes.

A twitter lady known as Chioma, has taken to her twitter page to shares photos of what the Biafran currency looked like. According to her, she was surprised to see the currency notes after over 50 years, and they were still looking neat and beautiful. The money actually has a very beautiful design, and it has both the paper note and coins. Check out the photos below.

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