Disaster: Fire gutted Popular Market in Cotonou, Benin Republic destroying goods that Worth Millions


Another tragedy and disasterous incident just happened in neighboring country, the republic of Benin, just this afternoon been 24th day of June, 2020. 

The report came from one Mrs Ngozi Chukwu Ada, she confirmed that the popular market in Cotonou Benin Republic was gutted by fire, which led to the loss of many goods that worth Millions.

According to the report made available by Mrs Ngozi Chukwu Ada, who took to her Facebook page to narrate the incident, she revealed that the fire started in the early hours of today , although the cause of the fire is yet to be identified.

She as well revealed that, about three huge thank from combined team of fire fighter was unable to quench the fire for several hours as a result of it's intensity.

Mrs Ngozi Chukwu, went further saying that it after so many hours, that the fire fighter was able to control the fire, and by that time nothing was left in people's shop except ashes of their goods that worth Millions, there by leaving traders helpless as they gathered in group watching how their life earnings goes up in flames within a twinkle of an eye.

It such a pity, especially in this hard time, that People's effort and hard work will just be reduced into ashes within a blink of an eye.

And goods, shops and other valuables has been raised down by this, who knows the kind of depression that most of them are going through right now .

What a tragedy !! What a disaster!!!

I pray may God grant that the courage to bear this huge loss.

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As you stay tuned for more updates about this comes your way.

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