An EFF member dropped the bombshell on Cyril Ramaphosa and Raymond Zondo. See what she said.

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An Economic Freedom Fighters member who goes by the name of Battalion made an unflattering statement about the South African president, Cyril Ramaphosa, and Chief Justice Raymond Zondo. On her Twitter account, Battalion stated that "These goons messed up the State Capture Inquiry for selfish reasons." Zondo wanted the Chief Justice job, and Ramaphosa needed protection.


This occurred after there were circulating rumors that the South African president, Cyril, and Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, had allegedly met and discussed the timing of the handover of the final report of the State Capture Commission. The Battalion believes that Cyril Ramaphosa, who is currently facing criminal charges of money laundering, human trafficking, and corruption, is using his power to protect himself from the charges, and Raymond Zondo, who wants the position of Chief Justice, is protecting him.


Below are some of the comments that were made by concerned South Africans.


He would not have revealed it if he was not implicated in the State Capture Report. The 2 year old Phala Phala's evidence would still be a secret. The two factions would be hugging each other, dancing together, and laughing at their hypnotized supporters.


Money laundering must answer for their criminal conduct. He hid money on the mattress at his farm, so he has to face the full myth of the law. The useless report by bias judge Raymond Zondo lacks integrity, so it doesn't affect his pending criminal case. He must face the music.



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