Tito Mboweni Was Grilled on twitter after telling how bad he was treated on job interview

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Source: https://twitter.com/tito_mboweni/status/1486364997320155138?t=v70FTJ8qOFzeq81XoEH4DA&s=19

Ex Finance minister Tito Mboweni shared his experience he had when he went for a job interview.

"Jobs interview today, I was preparing for a job interview. Ok. They want my CV, certificates and finger prints before the interview! What? I thought everybody knows me. Nope. Stand on the line buddy! Certificates, finger prints and CV. Next week interview," he said

Like everyone, Tito Mboweni should follow every procedure that he should before getting a job regardless of his status. History is past and he should not act like a Saint.

"Must have been a decent company and people. Not ANC or cadres. Good to know there is still honest professionals out there," says a twitter follower

"Okay millionaire, taking jobs from people who desperately need them, have you and your comrades not taken enough?," says a twitter follower

"In the hospitality industry you not gonna make it, one of the requirements is that you must be a Zimbabwean with no documentation (passport & work permit). If you don’t believe me ask minister Thulas Nxesi," says Justice

"Job interview at your age?I think it should be a criminal offence hiring a sexagenarians. How I wish I was a president for a week," says a twitter follower

"But you're still driving around in blue lights Tito what are you looking for exactly," says a twitter follower

"I hope is not interview for cooking because you can run the business down by your cooking skills," says a twitter follower

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