Diamond's Manager Reveals Unknown Details On Zari Crying On Diamond Over Wema Sepetu (video)


Speaking in an interview with Wasafi FM, Diamond's Manager who is popularly known as Sallam SK, has revealed some unknown details concerning the kind of relationship that Zari has with Diamond Platinumz.

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He reveals saying that there was a time that Diamond himself together with his team was shooting a music video for a song, and Zari and Wema were both present. Despite the two being well known enemies of each other based on their online fight from time to time, of them throwing shade at each other. He says that when Diamond got closer to Wema Sepetu, Zari couldn't bear it and she rushed to the bathroom and locked herself there and cried her heart out. Reasons being that she thought that Diamond was still in love with Wema. Both Zari and Hamissa are known to be Diamond's exes, whom at one point were his lovers.

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