All Public Gatherings Should Not Be Allowed Anywhere During This Period Of Covid-19 Pandemic.


Since president Uhuru Kenyatta announced reopening of the country, there are some things which should not be allowed during this period of Covid-19. This is because if allowed, we might go back to where we were and that's locking our county again. The following are things which should not be allowed to take place despite of the country being reopened.

No public gathering should be conducted without authorization from the government. This means that in case of any gathering such as political gatherings, there must be an authority from the government giving them conditions on how many people are supposed to attend that gathering.

All churches should not exceed the required number of church members as per the ministry of health protocols. Also in such places where people are together, wearing of face masks should be a mandatory to everyone. Also the issue to do with social distancing should be highly adhered when in such places.

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