"On this day a month ago I married the love of my life. Today I laid him to rest "

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There is worthwhileness in love when you are with someone who always brings out the best in you, someone who apologizes when he/she is wrong. Losing that kind of a person may feel like the world has halted. If there was a way to prevent death from taking our partners, many of us would have opted for that prevention because the demise of a person you love wholeheartedly is always melancholic and unendurable.

A sotho woman with a Twitter handle @A_baby_Girl22 laid her husband to rest today. Dolefully, they got married on the 19th last month. They were still newlyweds with probably a great marriage life ahead of them, but because death is merciless, it took the husband. Death comes when we least expect it.

The poor woman was jubilant a month ago. Today she is forced to shed tears because of what happened. She is left with nothing but sweet memories they both created. Sorrow is what she will be feeling for a very long time because moving on with life after losing the person you loved unconditionally is not easy.

The scent of them, their smiles, jokes they used to share with you and everything thing superb they had ever done for you will be constant reminders of how good it was to have them by your side.

If you are going through the same situation as this woman who is featured in this article, the best thing you can do is to let all those emotions out. Cry out loud if you feel like crying. It is okay to cry when you are overwhelmed by pain.

Consciously restraining pain or the hurt from showing may lead to depression, stroke or heart failure. Some people choose to starve themselves after losing their partners due to death, others lock themselves in an enclosed space. The truth is we all deal with grief in different ways.


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